Do you really know your customers?

This ebook will help you gain practical knowledge on buyer personas, and includes an entry level exercise you can use today to discover more about your customers!

The importance of buyer personas

Buyer personas, in a nutshell, are a perceived idea of who your customers/buyers are based on information gathered about them. Gathering that information is so much easier in today’s world, but most of the time you are basing these personas either on hunches (if you are just starting out) or actual conversations with customers over the years.

Knowing the details of who your buyers does 4 key things:

  • Tailor your content
  • Help them connect
  • Save your money
  • Find better leads

The ebook will put money back in your pocket

Your competitors will be scratching their heads trying to figure out what you know that they don’t. It’s as simple as getting to know your customers. 

Here is the breakdown

We break buyer personas down into 6 key categories. In the ebook you will dive deep into each one and how you can start thinking about them in regard to your clients.


Here is where you will detail out their age, gender, marital status, children, location, income, education, etc.


Break down where they are professionally like job title/role, career path, company/industry, company size, and special skills.


In order for you to know if your product or service can solve the client’s problem, you must know what they value and even fear.


Want to speak with more understanding or with empathy? Put yourself in their shoes. What are their goals and challenges.

Where they are

Know where they hang out digitally, physically, how they communicate, what sorts of media they are consuming, etc.

Negative information

It’s important that you know who you don’t want so you aren’t wasting your time or your hard earned marketing dollars.

Download your ebook and be prepared to be inspired.

This book will single-handedly change your marketing and how you communicate with your customers. No more wasting time and marketing dollars on bad copy.