After 30 years in the business, InsuranceHub rebranded itself and has it’s sights set high. Beyond the new brand, the company needed a powerful website to be able to support their vision.

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Conditional Forms

The homepage is the hub of all the lead generation forms on the site. From this conditional form, you can access any of the many forms on the site based on your provided input.

Mega Menu

With the amount of content needed to power the site, they also needed a powerful menu to organize and sort that content. Our solution was a multi-column menu with headers, icons & rollover effects.

Interactive Features

We were also tasked with creating some interactive components for the site: a US map that navigates to more content based on the selection & a live chat feature that connects website visitors and their agents in real time.

Interactive Map

This interactive map allows website users to select the state of their choice & drill down into further content.

Live Chat

We integrated a robust live chat feature on the site, complete with automated greetings, multiple active agents that can transfer live chat conversations between departments & the ability to initiate conversations with website visitors.

Multiple Themes

After developing the main theme of the site, we built several sub-themes to assist with multiple purposes: custom lead-generation landing pages, forms pages & content pages with clear calls to action.

Location Awareness

The most recent addition to the many themes on the site is location awareness, or the ability to serve up geo-specific content to users based on their physical location. (ie. This is a great feature for call tracking)