Bucky Beaver

Mascot Illustration

Lanier Islands Mascot Illustration

Bucky Beaver is the mascot for Lanier Islands. He is an instantly recognizable figure around LanierWorld and Legacy Lodge hotel throughout the year.

However, as cute as he is in person as a mascot, the renderings & drawings of Bucky Beaver were actually quite creepy. They came directly from the costume manufacturer, so we started from scratch. Our goal? Provide multiple variations of Bucky Beaver to be used in design applications throughout the resort & make him a child so he can better connect with visiting families.

Every great character begins with a great story, so we set out to create a Brand Guide for Bucky Beaver complete with a headshot, signature, personality, background & more. This was important not only to the design team, but also for any future projects featuring Bucky Beaver. We wanted to make sure the Bucky Beaver brand would be consistent and timeless. For example, concerning his personality:

Bucky Beaver Brand

Bucky Beaver is a pre-teen with a fun-loving outlook on life. He enjoys swimming, playing with friends, building wood projects and playing video games.

Creating Bucky Beaver

We chose a few different poses that would be beneficial to the marketing of Lanier Islands using Bucky Beaver: swimming, walking, leaning, waving, ziplining, tubing, etc. Below you’ll see a few applications of those different poses, as well as a little insight into the process of creating Bucky Beaver in the inner tubing application, which was then later used for a billboard placement.

When we illustrate, we sketch the project out first in Illustrator, clean up the lines & curves, convert the project to solid filled shapes, slice it all up and color it. We end up with quite a few layers, but that helps with placing Bucky Beaver in a large number of positions. Below is the process where we created Bucky Beaver inner tubing at LanierWorld.

Bucky Beaver Inner Tubing Wild Waves Drawing

Integrating Bucky Beaver into marketing

Beyond the branding, we were tasked to illustrate Bucky Beaver performing multiple activities for use in Sales & Marketing materials across LanierWorld at Lanier Islands. Below you’ll see a campaign designed for the digital display screens throughout LanierWorld and their shopping areas.

Taking Bucky Beaver from a creepy character to a graphic representation of who he truly is was a really fun & rewarding project. We love the new version of this great mascot and know he’ll be a joy to Lanier Islands for years to come.

Project Details

Illustration project featuring Lanier Islands mascot, Bucky Beaver, in a variety of applications.

  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration