Professional Website Design Services

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Get an amazing site for less than the cost of an employee to manage it

Your website works tirelessly. It’s the core of your marketing and functions 24/7 to connect with customers, generate leads, and make sales. Just as you invest your time and energy into strengthening your employees, your website should not be treated any differently.

Here’s some math: Your website works 24/7/365, which is 8760 hours per year. With our initial Radical package, you’d only be paying your employee $.81/hour. Even if you consider the Gnarly monthly package, your employee would only cost you $4.10/hour. That’s more than $3 below minimum wage! Once you begin treating your website like a member of the team, the investment becomes simple common sense.

Who is Market House?

Our website design, development, and analytics team work as an extension of your company to strengthen your current customer relationships and to create and foster new ones through a variety of mediums and messages. For less than you’d pay a single employee to handle your marketing internally, Market House, an Atlanta Marketing Agency, provides professional website design services, as well as content marketing through blogs & social media, and so much more!

Your website shouldn’t just be a set-it-and-forget-it model. Your website should be the core of your marketing and continually needs to be updated, tweaked and optimized to produce the best results for your company.

How does it work?

Our model is different. Instead of charging you for the website up-front, we work with on a monthly basis to ensure that your website is always at the top of its game. See our different package types below.


$295 /mo*

  • 10 Page Professional Website
  • Website Hosting
  • Weekly Website Backups
  • Monthly Updates
  • Basic on-site SEO
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$595 /mo*

  • Professional Website
  • Business Hosting & Emails
  • Detailed on-site SEO
  • Weekly Website Backups & Updates
  • Annual Content Audit
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$895 /mo*

  • Includes Radical and:
  • 2 Blog Posts
  • Monthly Link Building Campaign
  • Monthly Email Newsletter
  • Monthly Analytics Reports
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$1995 /mo*

  • Includes Radical+ and:
  • 4 Total Blog Posts
  • Local Search Optimization across top directories
  • 60 Social Media Posts
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$2995 /mo*

  • Includes Xtreme and:
  • 8 Total Blog Posts
  • Monthly Website Strategy Session with our team
  • 90 Total Social Media Posts
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* All listed prices are based on 24-month contract. Clients may request a 12-month contract for a higher monthly plan.

Website Design

A website that is not only cool, but also functional, easy to use and well optimized is the centerpiece of any solid marketing strategy.

Website Audit & Consulting

Want a better understanding of your current clients? Need an in-depth analysis of your website & how it can be improved & optimized? Need strategy help? Yeah, we do that.

Blogging & Content Creation

Give our copywriters a topic and talking points and we’re off to the races. Turn your brand and your website into a content marketing machine when you add relevant blog content to your website.

Social Media Marketing

Connect with your customers and discover new ones all within their social networks. Whether you want to expand your presence or grow your audience, we can deliver.


Market House is the perfect companion to small to medium sized businesses without a marketing team of their own and for small to medium sized businesses who need an extension of their own team.


As your partner here in Atlanta, we are driven to achieve your company goals. We are essentially an extension of your own company. We succeed when you succeed.


Market House began as a freelance collaboration between 2 Atlanta-based friends and has grown into an agency that thrives on a team of experts that has the skills to make your projects happen.

Let's Talk About What You Need

Have a specific project in mind? Need to talk strategy? Looking for an ongoing marketing relationship?