Website Audit & Marketing Consulting

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With the website audit & marketing consulting services we offer here at Market House, our ultimate goal is to help you better understand your customers, as well as to set you up for success based on that understanding. Want to have a better look at website visitors and how they use (or don’t use) your website? We can help with that. Need help setting up a marketing plan & strategy? Yeah, we’re here for that as well.

Website Audit
Analytics Analysis
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Consulting
Brand & Website Audit

Our diligent team will pour over your website & brand content to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your business & our strategies for improvement.

Marketing Strategy

Once your website audit is complete, we can get to work developing a solid marketing strategy built on real & actionable data you can count on.

Marketing Consulting

Looking for a marketing coach to help you better understand a segment of marketing or as a whole? We do team & 1-on-1 sessions to help you learn.

Comprehensive Website Audit

We will collect your past & current website traffic, meta tags, site titles, backlinks, readability, etc and analyze your data to provide buyer personas, opportunites for growth, immediate needs & more.

Establishing Buyer Personas

Establishing a clear buyer persona is crucial in your marketing to make sure you are clearly reaching people where they need to be reached. Don’t make assumptions on what the needs of your customers are without asking them.

Consulting & Strategy

What does all this data mean? Ever felt this way or just completely overwhelmed by marketing, sales goals & budget? We help make sense of it all and work with you to deploy marketing strategies to get your business on track.