BlueAccess is a home security and automation company based out of the Atlanta area. They came to us starting new in the industry and needed branding, website development, and marketing in order to compete with the major players in the space. 


The Challenge

The home security and automation industry has some major players like SimpliSafe and Ring. As a new player in the game, BlueAccess needed the following:

Timeless branding

BlueAccess was looking to develop a brand that was not only timeless, but also communicated what they do at a glance.

Stunning website

Your website is your digital front door. BlueAccess wanted a site that not only looked good, but gave a seamless checkout process


The Solution

We devloped a brand that is timeless, but also conveys exactly what BlueAccess does in a simple logo. It communicates:


Being in the security business, you want to know people can trust your company. Choosing blue brings people at ease.

Simple message

The brand displays that they not only will take care of the security of your home, but also any automation throughout the home.

The website makes all the difference

We worked with BlueAccess to create a website that not only looked great, but had solid SEO, highlight prodcuts, process sales and payments effortlessly, house a customer support and forums, showcase customer testimonials, and ultimately engage customers and educate them.

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