Catherine LaChance

Catherine LaChance

Catherine LaChance is a photographer in the Metro-Atlanta area. She captures everything from weddings, couples, families, newborns and maternity.

Catherine LaChance Photography

The Challenge

Catherine was looking for a brandmark and website that reflected her personality and showcased her work in an elegant fashion. She was looking for the website to do two key things.

Showcase work

She wanted a unqiue way to highlight her photography and standout from the rest.

Ease of navigation

She was concerned that it would be confusing to navigate & to get in touch with her.


The Solution

We developed a site that is not only unqiue from other photographer sites that are out there, but it also serves in two key ways:

Showcase work

She was looking for a way to easily catergorize the different shoots she takes.

Easy way to get in touch

As photographer, it’s crucial to make it easy for clients to reach out and get in touch.

Elegant & classy is the name of the game

As we got into the website design process, Catherine realized that she really wanted a brandmark that reflected the elegance that is seen in her photography. We went with a scipty brushed font and a gentle pink that sits nicely next to her photos in ads and as watermarks.

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