Ken Joslin Team

Ken Joslin Team

The Ken Joslin team makes real estate easy so you can move forward with confidence. Commercial and residential real estate team in North Atlanta & Birmingham

Ken Joslin Team

The Challenge

Ken Joslin Team needed a website to promote their real estate services to the Alabama and Georgia area. Something that was easy to use, highlighted their services, and made it easy and clear how to get in touch with the team.

Marketing Tool

It needed to communicate the methods Ken Joslin team uses to sell your property.

Easy navigation

Make it easy to navigate to contact and to see the value of the clients home.


The Solution

We developed a completely new website, built from the ground up, with a custom design to convey the value that Ken Joslin Team adds to those that they serve. The site served in two key areas:


It helped generate more traffic both locally and globally through onsite SEO.

Easy Navigation

We placed call to actions throughout the site that made it easy to reach out.

Real estate sites that show more than houses

It was important to the Ken Joslin Group that it showed how they help to serve their clients in selling their house or searching for a new home. They wanted to show their personal touch that makes them different than other real estate teams.  

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100% Remote

Our team scattered over the US, but we are based out of Atlanta, GA



Hours of operation

Monday - Friday 09:00 - 5:00