New England Insurance Services

New England Insurance Services

New England Insurance Services is a specialty independent insurance agency providing property and liability insurance protection for individuals and businesses that serve their communities. Whether you are an in-home child care facility, a summer camp, an after-school program, a museum, or any other community-serving organization, NEIS can help you get the insurance coverage you need.

New England Insurance Services

The Challenge

New England Insurance Services (NEIS) came to us looking for a new website that not only made it easy for someone to access quotes through qualifying question forms, but also gave them a new more update to responsive site. 

Lead forms

In order for clients to get quotes, forms needed to be visible and easy to use.


Responsive site

It had been quite a while since NEIS had updated their site wasn’t responsive.


The Solution

We developed a completely new website, built from the ground up, with a custom design to provide the key features that where the problems they were facing. The new site served in two key areas:

Easy to use forms

We made it easy for the client to fill out the form to get a quote quickly from NEIS.

Development for all devices

We developed a site that is responsive and will look good on all devices.

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100% Remote

Our team scattered over the US, but we are based out of Atlanta, GA



Hours of operation

Monday - Friday 09:00 - 5:00