Derek Morgan Gator Story

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Dec 12, 2023


Jason Marlowe

Hello, Derek Morgan

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Dec 12, 2023


Jason Marlowe

This is the “story” of how Derek Morgan, our newest addition to the creative team here at Market House, came to join our company…

NOTE: This was told to us by a wise old traveler we met along the road. I’ve done my best to write down the story word for word. This is what he said:

Gather ‘round dear friends and other road-weary travelers, for the wind carries a baleful, yet heralding tale of Derek Morgan. ** Takes out banjo and strums absentmindedly **

Picture, if you will, a perfect, warm, moonlight night by the banks of the mighty Mississippi River. The air is thick with the smell of fresh étouffée on the stove and the distant notes of a jazz band playing on my old radio.

From the river I heard the faint stroke of an oar. It was rhythmic, but sad somehow – I knew the person in the boat hada story to tell. I don’t know how I knew, but I could feel it – in my bones.

** The strumming becomes more purposeful. We can sense a tune about to start **

From the light spilling out of my cabin door, I could finally make out the silhouette of that sad oarsman. Pulling up onto the bank, exhausted and tired, he flashed a grin, bright white, like it soaked up every bit of moonlight.

Always a friend to travelers – being one myself of course – I welcomed him onto my porch for a bite to eat and in return, he paid with the promise of a story. It was then I learned about Derek – his life, his wisdom, and his desires – deep and powerful.

** Traveler beings to play a light tune **

He told me of his life in Louisiana and the time spent on the river, letting the wind whisper secrets to him. The fireflies were his muse and the night his canvas. He played his guitar for folks and poured out his soul through music, but the call of the river and her whispers of a different life called to him.

Derek could play a mean tune, that much was true, but legend had it that deep in the bayou lived an ancient alligator untamed by any mortal man and the protector of a guitar that played so pure that it would make mammas weep and daddies dab their eyes. He knew he needed this guitar. So, one evening, as the swamp bugs sang out their pitched tunes and the humid embrace of summer clung to his body, Derek ventured deep into that mystical swamp. Sunning on a bank, he saw that fated gator and with a glint in his eye that matched that green beast, Derek sprung from the tall grass and so began the first of four days of non-stop wrestling.

Finally, bone-weary and mud-spattered, Derek pinned that vicious gator with what would be forever known as the Louisiana Leash. Knowing he’d been bested, the alligator surrendered and revealed a path to the hidden, magical guitar. Grabbing it up, Derek pulled out a tooth from the gator to use as a pick and strummed a melody so sweet the trees swayed in rhythm. He had what he needed to move on. It was time to listen to the whispers of the river once again.

Leaving the swamp, he followed the river out of Louisiana and set out to learn more from the world. Atlanta he said he was heading and then maybe Chattanooga beyond. But one thing was true, music was his first love and design his new one. The two would always be within him, wrapped, intertwined, but he knew the river had never steered him wrong. He knew he was being called.

And then, without a pause in the story, the traveler turned and left. His story was done and Derek’s story with us has just begun.

And now for the serious part

We’re very excited to have Derek on the team here at Market House. He’s a delight to work with and, just like the rest of us audiophiles, Derek loves music too.

Derek Morgan joins the Market House team as our newest graphic designer. He’s a self-proclaimed obsessive when it comes to design and he’s really in to staying on the cutting edge of design and loves to learn. He comes to us from Georgia State University where he has a BFA in graphic design. He was (and still remains) a musician and we’re excited to see where he helps Market House to go in the fututre.

Fun facts about Derek Morgan

  • Derek enjoys quality time with his wife and dog
  • He loves to play music & hike
  • He enjoys trying new foods
  • Derek loves to travel above all else (Prague is his favorite)

As an added bonus, we had ChatGPT write a song about Derek. Feel free to sing along – we sure will!

[Verse 1]
C                                                             G
From Louisiana’s bayou, Derek strummed a tune,
Am                                                           F
Atlanta’s musician, now in Market House’s room.
C                                                          G
BFA in hand, a design sorcerer’s delight,
Am                                                   F
Crafting logos, brands, casting spells so bright.

C                                G
Oh, Derek’s the graphic wizard,
Am                    F
With endless glee.
C                                    G
In Market House’s wilds,
Am                                F
His creativity flows free.

[Verse 2]
C                                                  G
Curious and wild, his focus never blinks,
Am                                                  F
With wife and gremlin dog, exploring life’s links.
C                                                      G
Prague’s cobblestone dreams, his heart’s sweet song,
Am                                                       F
Derek, the designer, where creativity belongs.

C                                 G
Oh, Derek’s the graphic wizard,
Am                     F
With endless glee.
C                                   G
In Market House’s wilds,
Am                                F
His creativity flows free.

C                                            G
So welcome Derek, in our creative cheer,
Am                                             F
A minstrel of design, make the magic clear.

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