Little Barn: A new brand after 30 amazing years in business

At Market House, we love good design and listening to music. But if there was a 3rd thing on our Top 3 Fave Things List, then it would definitely be food: eating it, talking about, making it, photographing it, etc. So, that's when we had the opportunity to develop a brand for a long-term staple right near our hometowns, we jumped at the opportunity to rebrand Little Barn.

Little Barn exploded bag and cup with brisket lunch
Little Barn Building Drawing
Little barn biscuits
Laura Marlowe Owner Little Barn

Laura Marlowe

Owner, Little Barn

"When it came to logos and design for the Barn, we've just never really had anything that was our own. And honestly, when we'd run ads, our logo would just be whatever country-looking font the designer chose. And, after 30 years, we figured it was time for something of our own. We love working with Jason and the Market House team. They made the whole process easy and we're excited to roll out the new designs!"

Rebranding a local restaurant icon

Little Barn felt the time was right for an real brand

Little Barn began in 1993 as a post-retirement project by Gene Briscoe and his family. On the menu were the dishes he’d grown up eating and later cooking: biscuits, bbq, and Brunswick stew. After a few years, Gene’s daughter, Laura Marlowe, bought the business from her father and has been running it ever since.

When it comes to visual branding, Little Barn never really had a defined logo or suite of design embellishments. However, the physical restaurant has always acted as a unique part of the brand as it commands a big presence on its corner lot position. Our job here at Market House was to combine the rich history of the brand with a strong, bold position that speaks not only to 30+ years of customers, but to future customers as well.

Little Barn White
Little Barn 1993 original logo
Arrow Market House
Little Barn Black
Untitled Artwork
Little barn serving Lawrenceville since 1993
Little Barn bacon icon
Little Barn new logo front door
Little Barn BBQ Design
Little Barn Red Pig

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