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social acquisition

While I am not in the habit of promoting specific services that aid in social media marketing, I have recently had the chance to work with a local company rocking social acquisition called Insightpool.

Their niche is in the Twitterverse, but they utilize data from other services, such as Klout. Again, while I’m not usually a proponent of third party services to manage social media, Insightpool offers the ability to actively engage with potential customers and current Twitter followers alike.

As a real world example, if Insightpool were a person, it would be the interesting guy at parties who has an anecdote for everything. He’s all about starting conversations. He’s the guy who gets you interested in something you might not even known about. He’s the guy who gets everybody ready to party.

In the world of social media, Insightpool carefully crafts engagements and scenarios and targets your demographics to find influencers and begin conversations with them in order to grow your brand. In a nutshell, they are the beginning of the social acquisition chain and you, along with your internal marketing team, are the follow through and rest of the chain.

For those brands with a smaller social team, Insightpool is especially effective because it takes the time to evaluate new contacts and leads. Then, once the conversation has begun, it’s up to your own marketing team to foster those new relationships.

Again, back in the real world, Insightpool is the guy getting the party started. It’s our job as marketers to continue the conversation and develop those new relationships fostered through social acquisition.

Go forth and be productive.


Met an awesome team of people at SocialCentiv doing some great work in the area of social acquisition. Their product is different than Insightpool, offering a slick interface that seems to be more conversation-centric. They work with some big brands like McDonalds and Papa Johns and their demo was pretty great at Digital Summit.

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