Marketing to the Lazy Consumer

lazy consumers

Regardless of the type of business you have, your customers want to consume your website content without effort. Making the process difficult means you’ve created a higher barrier to entry. Ultimately, you’ve lost them. Customers are lazy and fickle. Our world of instant digital information and connections have created a consumer persona that closely resembles an unmotivated child.

We want content and we want it now.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your customer is any different. Sure they may be more informed, but consumers consume and if the content on your website is hard to find, difficult to access or poorly organized, then you’ve lost the sale. The power of Google has created a consumer who bounces from one search result to the next looking for instant content.

So, how do you market to lazy consumers?

  1. Responsive website: This is the beginning of any great marketing effort. Responsive web design delivers a beautiful website experience regardless of the device. Offering great content that’s easily accessed from anywhere is the first step in marketing to lazy consumers. Potential customers want rich content, meaning great, dynamic copy filled with images, illustrations and more.
  2. Real, Engaging Copy: By providing real content that is not only beneficial to your customers but engages with them as well, you drive them to move deeper into your site past the landing page. Far too often, search engine users fail to move past the first page of a search result either because they’ve found what they need or because they did not find what they wanted, which is the more likely scenario.
  3. Rich media: People love pictures. They post them across social media: Facebook, Instagram, etc. The power to capture moments without even speaking a word is invaluable. Your customers live through those images that share an experience. Videos are just as, if not more, powerful. YouTube, native Facebook video & Facebook Live, Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, etc. are all amazing ways to deliver great content across your website and throughout social media. Shorter format videos hold the sub-minute attention span of most users and allow you to communicate your marketing message quickly and efficiently.

Your customers are not dumb.

In fact, they are the most well-informed consumers ever. They are multitasking digital ninjas. With information at their fingertips, literally, they can look for a new item to purchase, while simultaneously:

  • asking friends about the product on social media
  • reviewing ratings/review websites
  • watching product demo videos
  • searching for promo codes online

smart lazy consumer

Again, consumers aren’t dumb, they’re just lazy. And it’s not a traditional lazy anymore. I’m not talking about lounging around the house in sweatpants on Saturday morning and eating a bowl of cereal lazy. I’m talking about don’t make me work for my content lazy. Consumers will put in the work to find what they need, but don’t make them work for it. If you do, you are just building a bigger hurdle for them to overcome in order to engage with you and for you to make that sale.

Consumers will put in the work to find what they need, but don’t make them work for it.

Market House can help match your brand with the content that meets lazy consumers on their level. Let’s talk.

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