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Facebook Marketing $5 per day
5 ways to advertise on Facebook for $5 per day

A year ago, I wrote about how in order to be successful on Facebook, a business has to pay to play. No change there. I also mentioned that with even a minimal spend, a business can make a difference. Thankfully, this is still the case. However, the organic reach of Facebook business pages has continued to…

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professional website design
Professional Website Design for Your Brand

It’s time for your website to grow up Like many many companies out there, you probably have a website that should’ve been updated long ago. You know it. Your employees know it. Your customers know it. And, like many websites sitting on long-established domains, it was most likely created by someone with a fleeting interest in…

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newspaper readership aging
Are you wasting your marketing budget on newspaper ads?

This afternoon, I took my son for a walk through our subdivision. After only about half a mile, I noticed a trend: there were an alarming number of houses that still had newspapers sitting in their driveways. It was nearly 6pm and out of the 107 houses in our subdivision, 17 had newspapers had not been…

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3 lessons the Oscars teaches us about marketing | Atlanta Web Design | Market House
3 lessons the Oscars teach us about marketing

The 89th Academy Awards, or the Oscars, air this evening, which means we’ll soon know who The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science voted for top categories like Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Picture, and so on. The Oscars, which had an estimated 65+ million viewers worldwide last year, can surely teach us a…

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DIY Websites are ruining the Internet - Market House
DIY websites are ruining the Internet

Sample scenario: Bob runs a company. Bob is used to cutting corners on “unnecessary” expenses. Bob needs a new website, so he just decides to do it himself. Bob made the right call, right? Wrong. When it comes to looking for ways to save money and cut expenses with your business, the last place you…

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how much does a website cost
How much does a professional website cost?

If you’re reading this article, then it’s likely that are you’re looking to know the answer to the question, “how much does a professional website cost?” That’s a loaded question if there ever was one. And, chances are, no 2 people will give you the same response. Whether you’re asking a colleague for a recommendation or getting…

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New Facebook Page Layout
Facebook’s New Page Layout

If you spend time each day using your business Facebook page, then you’ve probably noticed Facebook’s new page layout. If not, then you should know that Facebook Pages now has a new look that seems a bit more organized and structured for better future growth. While the new design feels a little cold and utilitarian,…

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Pokémon Go restaurant marketing
Marketing Your Restaurant with Pokémon GO

Initially released 2 weeks ago on July 6, Pokémon GO is one of those viral hits that captivates far more than a small demographic. This augmented reality game has captured children, teens, adults, parents & grandparents alike. While still in it’s infancy as a game & plagued by frequent server issues, it’s well worth the trouble. At…

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email design conference
Jason heads off to The Email Design Conference in Boston

Congratulations to Jason Marlowe, one of our Partners here at Market House. With a mixture of wit, coding and class, he snagged himself a ticket to The Email Design Conference in Boston hosted by Emma & Litmus. We wish him the best & safe travels. Check out Jason’s submission & the other 2 winners to…

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social media impact study market house
Social Media Impact Study

I recently ran a survey to test how much social media connects with people, what channels they use the most and how often they are active. The results you see below are not analyzed based on individual respondents, but I will go into that data in a later article to compare social media usage with age,…

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direct mail marketing
Direct Mail Marketing: The Good & The Oh So Bad

When you a see a marketing campaign that clicks with you, you know it just works. Even with direct mail pieces that overload your mailbox, when you see one that catches your attention and holds your focus long enough to NOT be tossed into the garbage, that’s effective marketing. All the others that end up…

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lazy consumers
Marketing to the Lazy Consumer

Regardless of the type of business you have, your customers want to consume your website content without effort. Making the process difficult means you’ve created a higher barrier to entry. Ultimately, you’ve lost them. Customers are lazy and fickle. Our world of instant digital information and connections have created a consumer persona that closely resembles an unmotivated child.…

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